Practical Info for Speaker

Speaker eTicket

You will receive one week before the event an eTicket for the event via email.

Your speaker badge gives you access to the full week of Devoxx.

Just show your eTicket at the registration desks (don’t stand in the attendees queue) to receive your speakers badge and gift.


The majority of the talks have now been scheduled.

Talks will get reshuffled to smaller or bigger rooms (of course in the same time slot) based on the favourites received by Devoxxians on our website.

Please let us know any availability limitations via the CFP web app by posting a comment.

Talks will get reshuffled to smaller or bigger rooms (of course in the same time slot) based on the favourites received by Devoxxians on our website.

Sessions overview

  • Conference talks are 50 minutes and take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (12 – 14 Oct).
    This year we also have 9 conference talks on Tuesday afternoon. In addition to several 40 minutes lunch talks on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Deep Dive talks are in depth presentations of 3 hours taking place on Monday or Tuesday (10 – 11 Oct). We suggest you break your talk into two parts of 75 minutes with a 30 minutes break in between.
  • Tools–in-action are 30 minutes presentations demonstrating a programming tool on Monday and Tuesday. (10 – 11 Oct)
  • Hands-on Labs are 3 hours hands-on sessions on Monday till Thursday – Bring your own portable! (10 – 11 Oct)
  • BOF sessions are 60 minutes, scheduled in the evening and are informal taking place on Monday till Thursday. (10 – 13 Oct) We of course provide a projector and wireless/wired internet is provided.

Speakers Reception

On Tuesday evening (Oct 11th) we host a speakers reception from 19h00 CET in the Kinepolis venue. We’ll email you an invite a couple of weeks before the event.

Presentation Guidelines


All speakers can use their own machine, using any operating system.

Laptop video signal output should be 60 Hz.The A/V team will provide either a USB-C, HDMI, Thunderbolt or VGA connector for your portable.

Pro tip: Don’t do a presentation on batteries as this will result in a ‘weak’ video signal.

Screen Resolution

The ideal (16:9) resolution for your portable is 1280 x 720.


We provide a wired internet connection in each cinema room for the speaker, however you can also consider using the conference wifi, which is very stable.

Plan for the worst is always good, so making a screen recording video of your ultra important online demo is always a good strategy!

Presentation Template

We have an optional presentation template available @

Make sure you also have a copy of your slide deck somewhere in the cloud, you never know!

Speaker Preparation Room

During conference days (Wednesday and Thursday) one of the BOF rooms near the reception serves as a speaker preparation/relax room.

Testing Equipment

Every room has an A/V team member who can help you with equipment questions or can arrange some hardware testing during longer breaks.

YouTube Recordings

To allow the thousands of developers who can’t make it to Devoxx we record all the sessions and make them available on our YouTube channel (133K Subscribers)

The Hands On labs and BOF session are not recorded.

Pictures on Flickr

The majority of the speakers are being photographed by our team and these are made available on our Flickr channel, royalty free.


Make sure you repeat the questions when doing Q&A.

If not, the Q&A part will not be included in the recording of your session.

We look forward to seeing you at the 19th edition of Devoxx Belgium!