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Dylan Meeus


Dylan Meeus is a software engineer using Go to create the 'The Mother Of All Patient Records' for nexuzhealth. A passion for all things programming has led him to explore a variety of languages such as Java, Python, Haskell,... Currently hyped about Go and Gophers.

From Java to Golang, the journey of the nexuzhealth team

After 20 years of using Java to support the largest hospital network in Belgium, the decision was made to replace this system using a new technology stack.

We will start the talk by explaining the current situation of the hospital system and how it has evolved to support ~30 hospitals over 20 years time. Next we will explain what our infrastructure looks like today and why Golang takes centre stage as our backend programming language of choice.

Besides that the talk will be dedicated to showing the similarities and important differences between Java and Golang.

This will give the audience insight in why Go is the ideal option for this new system, and what consequences this has for a company employing 150+ Java developers.

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