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Leif Åstrand


Leif takes care of anything related to product development at Vaadin, with a special focus on architecture and API design.

Modern web with Web Components and Java

Front End

Write once, run everywhere. Reusable UI components that can be used on any platform. Hook it up with a database and then your application is done.

That's how you built applications in 1995 with Java and AWT. Then the "modern" web happened.

JavaScript is the language that runs everywhere. It's a language that many love to hate. Each major frontend framework has its own way of defining UI components. Good luck reusing anything there. Getting anything from the database requires long deliberations in the REST API design committee.

There is another way.

Web Components are truly reusable components on the web. They work with any framework. One of those frameworks is Vaadin. WebComponents are front and center, while JavaScript and REST endpoints are optional. How is that possible? Find out in this code-heavy session.

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