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Guillaume Laforge

Guillaume Laforge is a developer advocate for Google Cloud, focusing on serverless technologies.

He is a Java Champion and the co-founder of the Apache Groovy programming language project.

He's also a member of Les Cast Codeurs tech podcast.

Monitoring my 3D prints in my basement means climbing lots of stairs back and forth! So here’s my story about how I reused an old smartphone to check the status of my prints. I built a small web app that uses WebRTC to exchange video streams between my broadcasting smartphone and viewers, with WebSockets for signaling, and a serverless platform for easily deploying and hosting my containerized app.


App integration? Microservices orchestration? Long-running actions? Stateful workflows? Retries? Fault-tolerance? Process automation? Do any of these concerns keep you up at night? Luckily, there's a way to cure your insomnia. Meet Google Cloud Workflows.

To make this session even more fun, we'll show how we can combine two remarkable technologies, Google Wallet and Google Cloud Workflows, to implement an online raffle system at Devoxx. Bring your Android phones, interact with our app, add passes to your Google Wallet, and maybe even earn some cool swag!