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Chet Haase


Chet is the Chief Advocate for Android at Google. He joined the Android team in 2010, led the Toolkit team for several years, and now spends his time helping developers to create better Android applications.

Top Tips for Terrible Tech Talks

After giving and watching many technical talks, I have opinions on what makes better talks (and not). If you're interested in giving tech talks yourself, come along and get some tips (or at least some of my opinions) on how to make non-terrible talks.

The talk is in three acts:

  1. A terrible tech talk
  2. An analysis of what made that talk so terrible
  3. A list of tips and techniques for making your content and presentation style terrific, instead.

Audience Engagement, Presentation, Best Practices

Kotlin Under the Hood

Kotlin offers great, modern language features and a rich set of extensions. But it's not always obvious to the developer what's happening under the hood. This session will help you understand better what these features and extensions are doing internally. It will also show how you can use the tools that Android offers to find this kind of information on your own. 


Toward Software Quality Perfektion: A Metrics- and Methodology-Driven Approach to Achieving Total Quality Domination (TQD)

(Comedy/satire talk) Never in the history of humankind or geekkind have we had such an opportunity for achieving software quality greatness. The existing of data, metrics, more data, and more metrics means that we can finally analyze the numbers and derive the final answer to the question all programmers have wondered since the beginning of time (1 January 1970 00:00:00): How can we create programs without bugs?

Come to this presentation to hear the answer, and a few more answers to a few more questions along the way.

Software Development

Kotlin Mullets - Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Ever since we broke apart the front and back-end of our systems, we’ve longed to partially reunite them with a shared language. The benefits of code reuse and shared tooling are compelling but is this nirvana possible?

In this session we will explore building both the front (mobile and web) and back-end of an application with a shared Kotlin codebase.

You will learn how to setup the build, share code, and deploy the back-end as a serverless app.


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