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Cléber Silveira


Professional with over 19 years of experience in systems development with Java Platform; Experience with Spring Cloud standards, Webflux for distributed systems; Experience with the orchestration of Kubernetes containers; Experience with distributed architectures such as EDA, SEDA, CQRS, Microservices. Experience in functional paradigm using Webflux, reactor and java.concurrent. Experience as SOA, Rest and GRPC protocol. Experience with AWS Cloud; Experience with GCP Cloud; Experience with Hashicorp Consul and Vault; Experience with Apache Spark. Experience with Apache Camel. Experience with Docker containers; Experience with API Gateway WSO2, Kong and Sensedia; Experience with static code analysis using Sonarqube. Experience with DevOps culture and pipelines using Gitlab-CI and Jenkins; Knowledge in integration tests, contracts and API using Spring IT; Knowledge in performance tests using Gatling. Knowledge in Unit Testing using Junit5, Mockito and Power Mockito; Experience with Ansible; Experience with Terraform; Experience with agile software development; Experience with OAuth2 and OpenId; Experience with Database continuous migration using Flyway; Knowledge in Gradle and Maven; Clean Code Knowledge, Clean Architecture; Experience with relational databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB; NoSQL experience using MongoDB, Cassandra and DynamoDB; Cached experience distributed using Redis;

Reactive Services in practice with Webflux, Kafka and DynamoDB.

Server Side Java

Nowadays reactive programming is gaining space in the market and the main players are investing heavily in the construction of frameworks and tools to support this. But the main question is how and where to fit this type of programming and fit the best scenario in your project.

We will show two cases where reactive programming was an excellent choice and solved the project problem perfectly.

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