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Erik Grijzen

New Relic

I'm a Lead Software Engineer with a focus on front-end technologies building platform UI @ New Relic. Web performance enthusiast and clean code lover ♥

Micro Frontend Architecture - Building an Extensible UI Platform

Front End

At New Relic, we used a micro frontend architecture to migrate from several monolithic products applications to one single platform where our users have one unified experience.

This new platform UI is broken down into separate micro applications, views, and other extension points. This extensible way of building a platform allows us to reduce the toil for our development teams to work on new features and bring value to our customers much faster.

This new architecture was not only built for internal development but also allows third-party (customers) developers to extend our platform for their own special use cases. Based on our real-world experience going through this transition, we will take a look at the benefits that come with such an architecture, such as ease of deployments, increased team autonomy, localized complexity, and more.

There were also many challenges along the way and we will reflect on how we tackled some of the hardest problems we faced regarding performance, resiliency, UI consistency, scalability, and even organizational changes.

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