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Bo Vandersteene


Bo is a software engineer currently living in Belgium/Switzerland. She likes writing code and solving complex problems. She is passionate about front-end, testing and the latest trends in Computer Science. When not doing geek things, Bo spend some time with her husband and two kids, or fighting fires (she is also a volunteer firefighter).

Speed up your unit testing with Jest

Front End

We should all test our applications. But in the frontend we need to test a lot of tests. Not only the logic but also how it looks like. We can test all the logic at once, but that is the goal of an e2e test, so we need something else, we can divide our application into component, and create isolated tests for each of this unit.

The existing tools, are limited, we want to test our HTML in an easy way. It would be wonderful if we could take a snapshot of the component and test again this snapshot. But jest is more than snapshot testing, it also level up your testing speed, it make your tests more incredible.

In this talk you will learn some techniques to improve the your testing and why you should switch to jest (you can do it easily)

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