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Nicolas Helleringer


Nicolas Helleringer is VP engineering of the SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) department at Criteo in charge of handling the software infrastructure (Chef, Hadoop, Kafka, SQL & NoSQL, CI/CD, SDKs, performance optimizations and Data analytics) and operations on this platform for the R&D. He used to work for 7 years at mappy.com (Maps & Travel planning) and contributed to the fuzzy logic engine for searching addresses on this platform He has been involved in the implementation of the geo/spatial module in Hibernate Search

To be or not to be a manager in 2020

Methodology & Culture

As a technical person, in your carrer, you might have opportunities to become a team lead or a manager.

Is this a good idea ?

What are the expectations for this kind of positions ?

What can be your expectation in taking such a job ?

Is being technical/knowing how to code a true asset in this adventure ?

Or one should put one's technical expertise on the shelf ?

What are the special tips of doing technical teams and projects handling ?

What is similar to other jobs ?

I shall give you pointers and feedbacks about this kind of job positions and some ongoing reflexions. Sharing of personal experience and other colleagues's I have coached on this path Theses experiences come from both the field and trenches but also from books and some inspiring people

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