Ecosystem Stewardship, Revisited

Java Language

Keeping Java a favorite choice for millions of developers doesn’t happen by accident; careful stewardship is needed to keep up with rising challenges and developer expectations.

But good stewardship doesn’t only mean having a compelling technical roadmap — it also means keeping the community and ecosystem vibrant.

Not all of it is obvious and not all rumors are true, so this talk is going to shine a light onto what the Java team at Oracle has done for us, lately, in OpenJDK and beyond. What has Oracle ever done for Java?

Java Community
Developer Ecosystem

Dalibor Topic

Oracle Global Services Germany GmbH

Dalibor Topic lives in Hamburg, Germany, and works as Consulting Product Manager for Oracle. He joined the OpenJDK project in order to help make it a successful open source project, and stayed for anchoring Java in Linux distributions, and as an all around Java F/OSS community guy. He joined the Java strategy team at Oracle to help provide community feedback into the long-term strategy planning.

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