Skill and reskill for DevOps with DevOps Dojos

Methodology & Culture
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Skilling and reskilling for DevOps technology and culture is a real challenge for the software related industry. We can't hire fast enough and chasing talents is time consuming and expensive. In this talk I will share how we are skilling and reskilling our workforce and helping our clients through "DevOps Dojos".

The DevOps Dojo is at the same time a physical location where one practice DevOps muscle and a series of trainings and hands on micro labs which thoroughly follow the guidelines of reference books such as "Accelerate" and the "DevOps Handbook". More that online trainings, we are talking here about online lab environments, supported by a (funny) story of a fictitious team.

Half presentation, half demo, this talk will open your eyes on skilling and opportunities linked to training for DevOps the "Dojo" way.

Olivier Jacques

DXC Technology

As a technology enthusiast and DevOps transformation principal at DXC Technology, Olivier Jacques specializes in DevOps, software engineering, inner source and open source practices. He created DXC’s DevOps dojos, events and practices that combine training with hands-on labs, gamification with badges, and guidance from DevOps coaches. Those dojos have been attended by more than 25,000 engineers so far. Olivier is a frequent speaker at DevOps and software engineering conferences.

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