JUnit: time to shift into 5th gear!

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Did you know that JUnit 5 is almost two years old?

However, a large number of Java projects are still tested with JUnit 4, which came out ... 13 years ago! A lot of things have changed since 2006, Java went from 5th to 12th version! Isn't it time to bring our tests up to date?

The JUnit team took advantage of this opportunity to completely rethink the framework. Many features have been added or reworked in order to fit with the new paradigms of the Java ecosystem.

During this talk, we'll see that even though JUnit 5 introduced many changes, the mechanisms of retro compatibility guarantee an easy and progressive migration.

Juliette de Rancourt

Carbon IT

As a curious and passionate developer, I am beginning my journey into the world of Software Craftsmanship. I am a consultant for the french company Carbon IT, and I participated in the JUnit 5 migration of some Java/Kotlin microservices at Société Générale, where I currently work. Always looking for new knowledge, I binge tech talks like Netflix.

Julien Topçu

Societe Generale & OWASP Fundation

Senior Lead Developer for Société Générale, I'm an active evangelist on "value creation" focused methodologies, such as DDD/Hexagonal Architecture, Extreme Programming and Kanban #NoEstimates. As an OWASP fundation member, I strive to convey the DevSecOps mindset to the community.

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