Java Packaging Tool: Create Native Packages to Deploy Java Applications

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In JDK 14 we plan to deliver a new tool, jpackage, that will enable application developers to distribute their applications in an installable package suitable for the native platform on which it will run. Supported platforms and package formats include .exe and .msi for Windows, .dmg for macOS, and .rpm and .deb for Linux.

Learn how jpackage works in conjunction with jlink to deliver a standalone application with the set of JDK modules required to run that application.

We will explain how to use jpackage and give plenty of examples you can use for your application deployment needs.

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Kevin Rushforth


Kevin Rushforth is a member of the Oracle Java Team and is the co-project lead for the OpenJFX project on OpenJDK. He has worked on Java Client APIs since 1997.

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