Money, Money, Money, can be funny with JSR 354

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Maintenance Lead Werner Keil will present JSR 354 (Money and Currency). They will discuss the API from a developer as well as user perspective and share details on the design decisions behind the JSR. Monetary values are a key feature of many applications, yet the JDK provides little or no support.

The existing java.util.Currency class is strictly a structure used for representing current ISO-4217 currencies, but not associated values or custom currencies. The JDK also provides no support for monetary arithmetic or currency conversion, nor for a standard value type to represent a monetary amount.

The session will demonstrate how the JSR models monetary capabilities, monetary amounts, currencies, rounding, financial arithmetics as well as formatting and currency conversion in a platform independent and flexible manner.

The first part of the talk will focus on key concepts, improvements like Java 9/Jigsaw modularity and planned new features for a future release followed by a live coding session demonstrating the Money JSR in action.

JSR 354 - The Money & Currency API

Werner Keil

Creative Arts & Technologies Ltd&Co KG

Werner Keil is a Cloud Architect, Java EE, Microservice and Embedded expert for a security firm. Helping Global 500 Enterprises across industries and leading IT vendors. He worked for nearly 30 years as IT Manager, PM, Coach, SW architect and consultant for Finance, Mobile, Media, Transport and Public sector. Werner develops enterprise systems using Java, Java EE, other Oracle, IBM or Microsoft technologies, JavaScript, Node, Angular, dynamic or functional languages. Werner is Committer at Apache Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, Babel Language Champion, UOMo Project Lead and active member of the Java Community Process in JSRs like 321 (Trusted Java), 331 (CP), 344 (JSF 2.2), 354 (Money, also Maintenance Lead), 358/364 (, 360/361 (ME Embedded), 362 (Portlet 3), 363 (Unit-API, also Spec Lead), 365 (CDI 2), 366 (Java EE 8), 375 (Java EE Security), 380 (Bean Validation 2), 385 (Unit-API 2, also Spec Lead) and was the only Self-employed Member of the Executive Committee for 9 years in a row till 2017. Werner is currently the Community representative in the Jakarta EE Specification Committee.

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