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Nicolas Frizzarin is a FrontEnd Developer and User Interface Designer from Metz, France. He is a Developer Advocate for SFEIR Luxembourg and help team to create great web application since 6 years.Passionate about web technologies, Nicolas is a Google Developer Expert and an OpenJs Foundation Member who loves sharing his knowledges through speaking to conference, writting article or giving training.
The next generation of Angular Applications
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 7

Angular 14 was released in June 2022, and this version announce that modules will become optional.

Oh wouuahhh, until now modules were th basics concepts of an Angular application. The entire architecture of our applications revolved under this concepts. To summary, modules were a central part of Angular application.

Since Angular 14, it's the component that occupy this role. These specifics components are called "Standalone Components"

However this release brings many other features, all very interesting such as:

  • composition API by injection
  • types forms and new APIs to manage dynamic form
  • a new way to manage the title of our single page application

How will these new features change the way we architect our applications. How to integrate them into our existings applications ? Will the module become deprecated ?

This talk answer to these questions by explaning all the concepts with exemples.