20th edition : 2 - 6 October 2023

Devoxx Belgium

The 19th edition of Devoxx Belgium took place during the week of October 10th.  With 3.200 attendees the event was again sold out but this year it took only 5 minutes and 2 seconds to sell all the conference and combi tickets!  All the talks are now available on our YouTube channel, enjoy  🎸😎

Devoxx Belgium is a 5-days conference where the developers community get together and explore the latest technology advancements with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.

Diverse, local and global talent introduce the newest and most vital content from the development world, with a range of sessions covering Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Programming Languages, Methodologies and Developer Culture.

Devoxx Belgium expands your knowledge base, sharpens your skills and provides hands-on experience with the latest technologies. 

The Devoxx franchise takes place in Belgium, France, UK, Poland, Morocco, Ukraine and now also Greece.  Our incubator for smaller events, named VoxxedDays, takes place around the world.

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What's On...

DAYS 3 & 4


Inspiring and thought provoking keynotes on Wednesday morning and Thursday evening.

DAYS 3 - 5


50 minutes sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.

DAYS 1 - 2

Hands-on Labs

3 hours hands-on sessions where you delve into a specific technology or methodology under expert guidance.

DAYS 1 - 2

Deep Dive

3 hours sessions where attendees can rapidly immerse themselves in a subject matter with an in-depth examination of a topic or technology.

DAYS 3 - 4


15 minutes sessions designed for speakers to give a quick fire view of a particular subject.

DAYS 1 - 2

Tools in Action

30 minutes sessions focused on demonstrating tools, technical tools or solutions.

DAYS 1 - 2

BOF sessions

Bird-of-a-feather sessions are one hour informal gatherings organised in the evening.

The Devoxx 2022 AI Trailer

Direct link to the video on YouTube   –  Visuals & Editing by @Mercator  –  Music : Avocado by Ephixa



All aspects of Java as a platform: emerging or established, Java language, JVM (languages), JDK, frameworks, standards, performance etc

Server Side Java

Frameworks and libraries which are mainly used on the server-side: Spring, Jakarta EE, Reactive frameworks, ORM, MOM, DB, Micro-services frameworks, Quarkus/Micronaut etc.

People & Culture

Personal development, leadership, working practices, mental health, diversity, inclusion and developer culture

Build & Deploy

Modern operational concerns, including build pipelines, orchestration, observability, monitoring, resilience, and compliance, as the software world embraces DevOps and cloud delivery.


How-to’s, tools and techniques for developers to drive great architectures.  Share your in-the-trenches experiences informing us what works and what doesn’t.


UI, UX, front-end languages, frameworks and architectures.  This can include Angular, React, VUE, Blazor, SCSS best practices etc.

Data & AI

Big Data, Fast Data, NoSQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, etc

Development Practices

All about Getting Stuff Done right. Methodologies, better practices, testing & tools.


Encryption, defensive practices, tools and technologies to be secure, security testing etc.

Mind The Geek

Developer candy: stuff we want to know about but don’t (generally) do at work – robotics, biological computing, cybernetics, AI, new toys & tomorrows world

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Kinepolis, Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerp (Belgium)


The main train station is Antwerpen-Centraal where you take the Metro Line 6 direction Luchtbal take stop ‘Kinepolis’.

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Our Mission

Provide a first class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn throughout.


Devoxx is a conference by developers, for developers. It is offered at an affordable price so that every developer can enjoy the experience.


Devoxx Belgium is a community effort. The team is made up of senior developers, Java Champions and passionate technology experts.