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Paul van der Slot
van der Slot Software

Paul is a freelance software engineer with a passion for Clean Code, Collaborative Modelling and Domain-Driven Design. During assignments Paul is always busy with sharing his knowledge, for instance through coding dojo's and talks. He searches for new knowledge in other people, books, experiences, videos and practicing. When he learnes something new he is exited to pass it on to everybody who wants to know.

Writing cleaner code with Domain-Driven Design
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 8

I always thought that my code was fine. I took my time for naming things, wrote small classes/methods and tried to use other Clean Code practices. But after a job interview with a technical coach, I was pointed towards Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and some other design topics. I could learn a lot from it, said the technical coach. And I did! Since then, I started noticing how much parts of DDD could help with my day to day job. I will take you with me on my learning journey of Domain-Driven Design, and how it helped me improve my code. We will touch upon themes like Ubiquitous Language, Supple Design, Bounded Contexts and more. You can expect a talk with a lot of code examples and practical advise that you can use the next day.