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Alex Borysov

Alex is currently a staff software engineer at Netflix, where he is working on building a unified global digital Studio that powers the effective production of Netflix content. Prior to joining Netflix, Alex had designed, implemented, and run various World-scale distributed systems, including ML infrastructure for payments fraud detection at Google; large-scale backends at Nest; microservice architecture for world-leading social casino games; and core infrastructure services for a unicorn startup.

gRPC Cornerstone: HTTP/2… or HTTP/3?
Conference (ADVANCED level)
Room 6

Hiding all the underlying protocol complexity makes gRPC really popular. The framework makes all the decisions on how to layer an RPC model on top of HTTP/2. API designers and users are not exposed to low-level implementation details.

On the other hand, knowing these details may be necessary when troubleshooting and making performance optimizations in a real-life system. 

This talk provides practical advice on triaging gRPC interactions and achieving performance improvements - by covering technical details, starting with HTTP/2 frames and streams in gRPC. It also exposes the limitations of HTTP/2 and prepares the audience for the upcoming HTTP/3 standard and its integration with gRPC.

It is intended for current & potential gRPC users as well as engineers interested in exploring the benefits of HTTP/3.