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Misko Hevery
As CTO, Miško oversees the technology division that powers the Builder.io applications and software. Before joining Builder.io, he created Open Source platforms for Google, including Angular, AngularJS and was co-creator of Karma. While at Google, he brought a testing culture there with his blog. Before focusing on making the web better, he believes testing is the key to success. Miško started his career designing digital circuits and moved to databases, full-stack development and finally, front-end frameworks, giving him a unique perspective. He understands all of the layers from the web down to a transistor. In addition to Google, he worked for tech powerhouses Adobe Systems and Sun Microsystems.He holds an MS/BS from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Qwik is a new bread of frameworks with a goal of instant-on interactivity for your site even on low-power slow-network devices. Qwik is a resumable framework that starts its execution on the server and seamlessly transitions to executing on the client in a very lazy and incremental way. The seamless transition from server to the client provides an instant on-user experience which leads to lower bounce rates, more conversions, and higher sales. 

With Partytown for third-party scripts, and Qwik for your first-party applications your browser main thread has never been so bored. Qwik and Partytown are new bread of open-source web technologies that are designed with startup performance first as the main objective and all other design decisions follow from that goal. When Qwik and Partytown are combined with an edge-delivery network it is possible to get your application fully interactive into users' hands in as little as 50 ms setting a new standard of startup performance.