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Siegfried Ehret


I am a developer at SonarSource. I used to code in Java when I was young, then I moved to frontend developement and Node.js. I also code a little bit in Go. I like burgers and うなぎ. I speak Français, English and some 日本語.

Up, to make serverless... Problemless !

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Up is an open source tool to push static sites or serverless apps to AWS. It is written in Go and is open source: https://github.com/apex/up

It supports lots of languages and makes deployments, stages management and rollbacks super easy ! It also allows to manage domains and teams, set up encrypted environment variables, alerting support and CI integration (some feature are only available in the Pro version).

We will learn how to set it up and how to push some things to the cloud. Let's see what it can do in 15 minutes !

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