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Peter Pilgrim

Independent Contractor / PEAT LTD

Cloud-Native Java Engineer, I develop, architect, coach and mentor Java and polyglot software, usually for `Bluechip Enterprises'. MD of PEAT LTD

Why we pair?

Have you ever wondered about pair-development? Have you experienced it in your workplace? In this quicktime talk, I divulge my impressions about the impact of pair-programming at clients where I have seen genuine benefits. There are many great pragmatic results when pairing is delivered inside a flexible corporate and culturally sensitive environment.

On the other hand, pairing is not everyone’s cup of tea, I will provide pointers to defend against social anti-patterns and accidental bad practice. Of course, pair-development is closely associated with Agile software development lifecycle and extreme programming (XP), but don’t let that fact put you off from attending.

Finally, pair-development is exciting way create high quality software for modern organisations. Whether you partially do this technology or apply it 100% of the time, it is a necessary step in a professional career.

If you are a developer, technical-lead or designer and you never ever worked in a close proximity situation with a work mate then this might be the lunchtime talk for you.

Coding Practices
Software Development

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