How to handle 100,000,000 logins without service interruption ? Betclic will relate his football Euro 2020
Lunch Talks (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 3
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Sports betting is growing a lot since few years in Europ. All actors in the domain are confronted to the same issue : how to ensure a flawless continuity of service whereas systems requests are exponentially increasing ? Climax of the phenomenon, Euro 2020 football excitement. 

At Betclic, we enhanced our platforms and took upstream right decisions : we set up some observability process, monitoring and load tests. These ones allowed us to support more than 100 millions of logins in 1 month without service interruption. We’ll also present how we are preparing football World Cup 2022. 

Come to discover tools which allowed us to manage that big growth in an optimal way, and to experience our sport events in peaceful way. 

Etienne Puissant

I am a software engineer working at Betclic, I work on load testing, performance and monitoring.

Jozwiak Nicolas

Nicolas is an IT engineering manager with a strong experience in conception and development. He has developed some solid skills in quality domain and industrialization (tests, continuous integration / deployment). He has also some knowledges about agile methods and how to guide teams. He's recognized to his proactive and pedagogic approach.