Google's Journey from Java to Kotlin for Server-Side Programming
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 5
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Kotlin is now a recommended programming language for server-side JVM usage at Google, while still providing access to a large existing Java ecosystem.  With over 11 million lines of Kotlin code at Google (across server and Android), we've done a number of things to ensure our developers are successful with Kotlin.  This talk will explore the challenges we faced, and the reasons we're adding Kotlin as an available language and how we've made it a successful change.

James Ward

Professional software developer since 1997, with much of that time spent helping developers build software that doesn't suck. A Typed Pure Functional Programming zealot who often compromises on his ideals to just get stuff done. Currently the Kotlin Product Manager at Google.

Brad Hawkes
Google, Inc.

Brad Hawkes has been a Software Engineer at Google for 15 years, most of which has been developing server side Java and now Kotlin. Brad has been leading the integration of Kotlin into Google's standard serving framework and working to increase internal adoption.

John Pampuch

John leads Google’s Internal Production Programming Languages team. Including the Java and Kotlin Teams. John has held various engineering and management roles at Google, Sun, Oracle, Adobe, Azul Systems and others, including, at Sun and Oracle, John led the JVM (Hotspot) group.

John is primarily a Java developer, but has also written his fair share of bugs in C, C++ and other languages.

In a past life, John invested a small fortune into Legos but today those mostly sit on a shelf in the garage.