Vapourware: The best software that never was
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 9
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We've all had our grand ideas and small side projects, but some people have turned these into huge software projects that never came to be.

In this talk Anders Norås tells the stories of great software that never got to see the light of day, the stories behind and the people how built it. 

You will hear the story of the world's greatest web browser - six decades in the making, get to know a music streaming service that could have been the first Spotify and more.

This is the best software you never got to use.

Anders Norås

Director of Software Engineering (CTO) at Avanade Norway.

Originally educated in arts and design, Anders has spent the last twenty odd years writing code.

He has given numerous talks and keynotes at conferences such as JavaZone, NDC, J-Fall, Øredev and many more. Have given 100+ conference talks to a variety of audiences including media, design and hardcore computer science. Known for an energetic and highly engaging presentations.