Speedy build for your java application images with JIB!

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

The containers technology revolutionized the way we architect, develop and ship our applications, and brought Java developers closed than ever to "Write once run anywhere"! However, Containers added some layers of abstraction: We have to write a Dockerfile, setup Docker daemon, wait for builds to complete, fix any errors and finally push the image to registry! Wasn't building our favorite packaging formats (jar/war|ear) easier?!

This TIA, explores what Jib, an open source fast image builder Java library from Google, brought to the table, and how it speeds up development by finely separating the application across multiple layers and incrementally building the image, by inferring what it needs from Maven or Gradle project.

We'll also discuss the concept of "Distroless" container Images and how to benefit from it.


Mohammed Aboullaite


Mohammed is a community catalyst and a true open source believer and has contributed to various open source projects. He has helped to build many IT communities in Morocco and he currently works at Xhub, a DevOps software company as Head of Engineering.

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