How the right architecture helps you make big changes
Hands-on Lab (INTERMEDIATE level)
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You want to move to a different framework, or maybe you have to upgrade that really outdated library, but where do you start? And how do you do that in small steps? This workshop lets you experience how architectures and techniques like hexagonal, vertical slice and domain driven design can help you move through big transformations, while at the same time you increase your code quality!

Like many of us, your codebase is likely not a nice small microservice and you cannot afford to spend months working on a rewrite. Instead you need to take small steps. But small steps and keeping everything working may seem like a daunting approach. During the workshop, you will will get you acquainted with several techniques and the right mindset that will allow you to make big changes in small steps.

You can choose to use Java or Kotlin during the workshop.

To make sure you have a running start and don't lose any time on basic setup during the workshop, please following the preparation instructions at:

TLDR: Install IntelliJ + clone repo + check that tests run.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Based on schedule popularity ❤️ , we'll repeat this HoL on Wednesday afternoon at 14h00 !!

Nico Krijnen

Nico is an experienced software engineer. For a big chunk of his career, he and his team disrupted the DAM space by building an innovative file management solution called Elvis, which is being used by media organizations all over the world. Now at Luminis, he helps organizations to solve complex problems by translating available options into practical solutions. Besides leading teams and giving direction, he likes to roll up his sleeves and experience first-hand how (and whether) the latest technologies work in the real world. He is never shy of making unconventional choices to achieve radical results.

Jettro Coenradie

Jettro is a software architect, search relevance geek, and data enthusiast that loves to talk about his job, hobbies, and other things that inspire people. Jettro truly believes in the Luminis mantra that the only thing that grows by sharing is knowledge. After more than ten years of creating the best search engines for multiple customers, Jettro is drawn into Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Learning and talking about NLP is what drives him to keep improving the user experience of search engines.