This hands-on lab is a getting started guide to the free and open source Structurizr DSL - a way to diagram your software architecture using a textual DSL that's specifically targeted towards the C4 model. Topics we'll be covering include:
- A brief introduction to the C4 model for visualising software architecture.
- The drawbacks of "diagrams as code" with PlantUML and Mermaid.
- Structurizr DSL basics.
- Diagram rendering options (Structurizr Lite, Structurizr Site Generatr, PlantUML, and Mermaid).
- Scripting with JSR-223 compatible languages (e.g. Kotlin, Groovy, JRuby). 
- Java plugins.
- Exploring your model with Ilograph.
- Techniques for building enterprise-wide architecture models.
Please bring a laptop with Docker or Java 17 installed.
Simon Brown
Simon is an independent consultant specialising in software architecture. He is the author of “Software Architecture for Developers” (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility), the creator of the C4 model for visualising software architecture, and the creator of the Structurizr tooling. Simon is a regular speaker at international software development conferences, and travels the world to help organisations visualise their software architecture.