End-to-End test architectures, a dead End road


With the rise of Distributed Architecture, independent DevOps teams and automated CI/CD the End-to-End test environments needs to be reconsidered. They become flaky, shaky, untrustworthy and hard to maintain.

Why are these environments, where all teams deploy their production like service, a dead End road and what are the alternatives?

Why are people still using these so-called 'production-like' test environments and how can we achieve the same level of software quality without them.

What gaps are solved with these expensive environments and how can the use of these systems be reduced.


Roy Braam


Roy Braam is a Software Craftsman at JPoint. He loves Java and everything that comes with developing good solutions. In his current assignment, he fulfils the role of Solution Architect @Rabobank. Working with the teams that are responsible for the core-backend of the Online Banking Platform. Being a real developer he likes to spend his time as much as possible developing with the team. Besides that, he loves architecture and solving "the higher level' puzzle

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