Modern Identity Management (in the Era of Serverless and Microservices)


If you believe that Identity Management (IdM) is just related with the Authentication and Authorization processes, this is a talk for you. IdM is an umbrella term for all of the core logic around identity. That means manage provisioning (assigning identities to user), account management (maintaining those identities), identity governance (assigning them to groups and roles and adjusting permissions as needed), authentication, authorization, identity federation (ensuring users can use the same identification data to access resources on related domains).

A login is more than a Single Sign On, we can use Passwordless, Federated Identity (FB, GitHub), Multifactor Authentication, improving our users experience.

The main purpose of this talk is gain an in-depth knowledge of those terms, in addition explore some PaaS, that can help to achieve all that in our projects easier and faster.

Microservices Architectures

Mercedes Wyss


Mercedes Wyss is a software engineer with more than seven years of experience in the backend, frontend and Android development using Python, Java and Kotlin. Currently, she is a CTO at Produactivity, a startup based in Guatemala. She was previously organizing meetings in Guatemala Java Users Group from 2012 to 2016. Since 2016 she is focusing on increasing women’s participation in STEAM by running a JDuchess Chapter in Guatemala and is the leader of a Google community (Devs+502). She is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and an Auth0 Ambassador, she also has a Duke’s Choice Award in Educational Outreach.

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