The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Diversity (Don't panic!)

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Everybody is aware that diversity is an important question nowadays, but simply talking about it isn’t enough. That’s because being aware of it will not magically solve the problems, we need to understand what’s going on underneath.

We need to understand what it really takes to raise awareness, to build inclusive and safe workplaces, and beyond that an inclusive and safe society for all of us. For all of us, because diversity is not only about women, neither in IT nor in our life. It’s about gender of course, but also about race. It’s about age. About disability. About culture and more generally about everything that makes us human beings.

With this talk, I’d like to guide us together through this hard journey towards real diversity and help you discover how you can be a positive part of it.

Audrey Neveu

Audrey is a full-stack passion driven developer. Heavily involved in the French wide Java Community, she’s part of Devoxx4Kids, a not-for-profit global initiative to get children coding, Devoxx France and Les Cast Codeurs, a french podcast on Java, but not only.

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