Predictive Testing

Big Data & Machine Learning
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Legacy methods for choosing the right test scope, involve the use of subject matter experts to classify and select business process based on domain knowledge. In ING we are decreasing the probabilities of failure by complementing expertise with data and facts. A mortgage request can have a complex lifecycle with up to 500 steps and thousands of potential process flows.

Choosing the right test scenarios is essential to mitigate risks. With Predictive Testing , we will share our journey and experience on answering: How much is good enough to test? An present a novel approach that combines machine learning methods in a testing strategy supporting our decisions to release software faster and reliably.

Herminio Vazquez


Herminio works as a consultant in the ING Netherlands Mortgages Tribe splitting his time between Operation and Data related challenges. In his career Herminio has already worked in more than 40 countries, in all continents, and lived in 12. His career was shaped in the lines of General Electric Nuclear Energy, with a devotion to innovation and quality for mission critical applications, in his professional path he has run through the development of testing solutions for large ERP and CRM implementations around the globe. His experience in modelling complex test scenarios have seen the simulation of some of the largest events in scale and throughput across a wide range of industries. Today, established in Valencia, Spain; he splits his time between his family, friends and nature.

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