Java and Rust
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 10
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Java is an established language, with advanced VMs, robust package libraries, mature frameworks, dynamic and reflective capabilities, a large tooling selection, and a sizeable developer ecosystem. Rust is a younger systems programming language that can have small memory footprint, low CPU utilization, offer low latencies and have small application sizes.

  • But how do these characteristics pan out in the real world?
  • How easy is it to take advantage of them?
  • Is one language “better” than the other?
  • Are they really so different?

In this talk we will take a journey with the two languages and we will review our experience in designing and building a sample application with the same requirements in both Rust and Java. We will compare the development experiences and how they each perform. We’ll share our thoughts and conclusions on where Rust and Java could be improved. And we’ll talk about how we see each being used in the future.


Yishai Galatzer

Yishai Galatzer is a Director of Software Engineering at Amazon Web Services. Yishai's teams contribute to the Rust language and the JVM.

The JDK team is focused on the development of OpenJDK and the distribution of the Amazon Corretto project. The team focuses on contributing to the Long Term Supported releases of OpenJDK, as well as new investments in JIT Compilation, aarch64, The Shenandoah Garbage Collection project, and observability.

The Rust team works on the Rust language, the Rust compiler, Tokio (async Rust runtime), and supporting Rust at Amazon.