The Age of Virtual Threads
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Room 6
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Virtual threads and structured concurrency are two features added in JDK 19 (as Preview and Incubation respectively) that will change the way we write high-throughput servers. In this talk we’ll describe the purpose of these features, and give some advice on how to prepare for the age of virtual threads.

Ron Pressler

Veteran programmer, leader of OpenJDK's Project Loom. Ron works at Oracle, in the Java Platform Group, and is the technical lead for OpenJDK's Project Loom, which seeks to add user-mode threads to the JDK.

Alan Bateman

Alan Bateman is an engineer in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. Alan has worked on many areas of the JDK including the Java Module System, the modularization of the JDK itself, and the core libraries and APIs. He previously worked on many of the tool and profiling APis including the JSR-163 implementation and other serviceability features. He is currently focused on Project Loom.