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About Devoxx

The Devoxx family (spread across Antwerp, Paris, London and Krakow)

annually welcomes 7.000 Devoxxians!

In addition Devoxx4Kids brings coding magic to 4,500+ children through chapters all over the world.

Devoxx Belgium 2015 is from Mon. 9th until Fri. 13th November.


Provide a first class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn all week long.


Devoxx is a conference by developers for developers at an affordable price this way every developer can enjoy this unique experience.


The Devoxx team is a group of senior developers, including Java champions, expert evangelists and respected thought leaders.

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Our 2015 Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors we can offer you Devoxx at a very democratic price!

2015 Sponsors

What's Up? #Devoxx

I'm speaking at Devoxx UK 2015. Come Join me! -…

About 5 hours ago from Sven Ruppert's Twitter

The 2015 Tracks

Anything related to Lean startup, VCs, Angels and new trends in Startups.


Software architecture, encryption and best practices to develop secure software


Software development methodologies and related subjects.


Java Standard Edition, anything non-related to Jave EE, like the language, JDK, performance tuning, modularity, etc.


Anything related to other languages than Java running on the JVM, the languages, tools, libraries and best practices.


Tools frameworks and libraries for building mobile apps, both as MobileWeb or native Android and iOS app.


Developing for embedded devices, the internet of things, Arduino, raspberry pi, quadcopters, robots and related.


Server Side Java, Java Enterprise Edition API’s, appservers, databases, MOM, batch processing and related JSRs


Cloud computing, Platforms as a Service, Big Data and NoSQL.


Web frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, the next JavaScript ES6, libraries and tools that help you build the next generation of web apps.


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During 5 days, 3.500 Devoxxians from 40 different countries attend Devoxx Belgium including 200 speakers and another 400K developers enjoy the presentations online. Making Devoxx one of the biggest Java conference in the world!

The Devoxx Team

The program committee discusses, reviews, invites and rates the CFP presentations.
These are the volunteers that transform an empty cinema room into a great learning experience!

Please click the button below to see the full Devoxx team list.

Roy Van Rijn

The Devoxx Movie Maker

Jo Voordeckers

Program Committee

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine

Program Committee

Mike Seghers

Mobile Apps & Program Committee

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