Practical Tips & Info

Onsite Registration

  • Download your eTicket on your smartphone
  • Set device brightness to the highest value to improve QR Code scanning
  • Avoid queues and collect your badge on Sunday (Deep Dive & Combi tickets only) or Tuesday (Conference tickets) from 17h00 until 18h30
  • Parking at Kinepolis is free
  • Don’t leave any valuables in your car when parking at Kinepolis

Travelling to Devoxx

  • How to get to Antwerp and/or Venue can be found at the bottom of our FAQ page

Mobile App

  • Make sure to download our “Devoxx” mobile app
  • Please rate talks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Speakers love feedback!

Devoxx wifi

  • SSID : Devoxx    Password : Devoxx2022

Devoxx Merchandise

  • Pickup your Devoxx t-shirt in the exhibition hall during lunch breaks
  • See exhibition floor map below where to pickup your Devoxx merc


  • The opening keynote on Wednesday is in room 8, overflow rooms are available
  • Closing keynote on Thursday evening is in room 5

Meet & Greet

  • 🍺 & 🍟 on Wednesday evening (18h30 – 20h30) in the exhibition hall is sponsored by Google, Sonatype and JFrog. Thank you!

Twitter Wall

  • See your tweets on the big cinema screen by including #Devoxx in your tweet

Thursday Movie

  • Devoxx movie 🍿 ⬆️ 🔫 is on Thursday evening from 20h00 in room 8


  • Wearing a Covid mask is currently not mandatory (by Belgian law), so you decide if you want to wear one 😷 


  • All sessions taking place in the cinema rooms are recorded and are available on demand on our YouTube channel


  • Your badge cannot be transferred to others, a picture ID can be asked
  • Forgotten or lost badges will not be replaced !
  • You can scan the QR Code using a dedicated scanning app developed by Gluon

Diamonds & Beer

  • Belgian 🍻 will give you a hangover and eventually an OutOfMemoryError (unless you go for zero)
  • Antwerp is the city of 💍 but It’s cheaper to get chocolates 😇


See also our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info

Cinema Rooms

Room 8 is where the keynote happens and movie is shown

Room 5 is where the closing keynote take place