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Andrew Dunnings


Andrew Dunnings is a Software Developer in the IBM Event Streams team based in the UK. Andrew joined IBM as a graduate in 2017 and has developed expertise in running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes through his work on IBM Event Streams. He has experience introducing IBM customers to Apache Kafka and is keen to share his knowledge of both Kafka and Kubernetes with the developer community.

A Deep Dive into Apache Kafka - This is Event-Streaming, Not Just Messaging

This session dives deep into the architecture of Apache Kafka and how to use it in practice. Kafka offers a new take on publish/subscribe messaging that is very different from other messaging systems. But Kafka isn't just a messaging system - it's an event streaming platform.

Become an expert on Kafka concepts such as topic partitioning, consumer groups and exactly-once semantics. Find out best practices for using the APIs to achieve performance and reliability.

Learn about advanced concepts such as stream processing using the Kafka Streams and integrating with other services using Kafka Connect.

Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Streams

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