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Remi Forax

University Paris East

I'm an assistant Prof at a small university near Paris. I'm an open source Java developer and one of the maintainer of the ASM bytecode library. I'm one of the fathers of invokedynamic, that obscure bytecode introduced in Java 7 to support dynamically typed languages on the JVM. I've been a JCP Expert and a OpenJDK JEP Expert for quite a lot of the features introduced in Java in the last 5 years, lambdas, modules (JPMS), and constant dynamic. I'm currently working to add pattern matching and inline types to Java (as part of, respectively, amber and valhalla OpenJDK project).

Java keeps throttling up!

Deep Dive
Java Language

As it was announced, Java keeps releasing a major version every 6 months. The release train passes and brings its amount of new things. Some of the expected functionalities have already been released: a new syntax for the switch clause or a new bytecode instruction: CONSTANT_DYNAMIC. Other are still work in progress: a new way to write methods, a smart instanceof, lazy evaluated constants. Projects are progressing too.

Loom will bring new concurrent programming paradigms.

Amber is about to bring data types and new lanaguage constructs.

Valhalla can already show very promising results with formerly called value types, now called inline types.

It is hard to tell when all these things are released, but when they are ready, we will have them in less than 6 months!

We will give details about all this, with code and live demos of preview versions.

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