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Ruben De Gauw


Ruben De Gauw started out as a Java dev, transitioned to being an analyst, and ended up as a team and project lead. Along the way, he picked up an interest in the different ways to organize teams and businesses, that allow for everyone's voices to be heard and bring out the wisdom of the group, while keeping its individuals happy and empowered.

Teamwork is difficult, can Sociocracy help?

Flat organization structures, agile methodologies, teamwork, etc. have become dominant in today's IT departments and companies. These concepts clearly solve some of the issues with the earlier organizational paradigm. But they also come with challenges of their own.

In this session we'll explore some of the struggles I faced working in flat, agile organizations that value teamwork highly. I will openly share hurdles we face(d) and our experiences with different trials and errors.

I will also brainstorm on how sociocracy can help us figure it out, how self-organizing and self-governing can translate into concrete actions.


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