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Rudy De Busscher

Rudy loves to create (web) applications with the Jakarta EE platform and MicroProfile implementations. Currently, he is a Developer Advocate for MicroStream. He has implemented various projects in a team for customers, helped various Open Source projects (Apache Myfaces, PrimeFaces, DeltaSpike, MicroProfile, ...), and supported Developers and teams. He is also working around Web Application Security using OAuth2, OpenId Connect, and JWT.

Within every application, data plays a very important role. Currently, we always use a database or a No-SQL solution to store our data externally to the Java process. But this comes with a cost, the impedance mismatch between the object-oriented world of Java and the external data storage. And developers spend a lot of time creating the mapping, writing queries, and optimizing the retrieval from the external system.

With MicroStream the data instances within the JVM memory ARE your database. You can query them using the getter methods and the Stream API with extremely high performance and low latency as no mapping or external retrieval is needed. Your Java objects survive the JVM restart because they are serialized to disk for example with a new, from the ground built up very secure serialization solution.

In this session, you will learn about the revolutionizing way of data storage with MicroStream. The basic principles, how it works, and demos are part of the agenda of this session.