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Antoine Sabot-Durand

Antoine is a Java Champion and the Former Jakarta EE CDI spec lead. He was part of the Quarkus launch team at Red Hat and worked on major MicroProfile specs such as Fault Tolerance or Health Check. Today, Antoine is architect and technical expert in SCIAM. He is working on challenging projects with most of the technology he contributed t in the past.

When he doesn’t code or design applications, Antoine likes to spend time with family and friends playing boardgames or traveling.

What’s new in CDI 4.0 ?
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 6

Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection is probably the most underrated specification around. It is the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile corner stone since it provides a standard programming model and a powerful to integrate third party technology in a seamless way.

Now that major work on CDI 4.0 is nearly over (waiting for Jakarta EE 10 release), it’s interesting to list the evolution of the spec in the last year.

In this talk we’ll go thru all new and corrected features in the specification and will make a big focus on CDI lite that will enhance CDI spec to better support build time framework like Quarkus.

We’ll go thru the new portable extension API with a concrete example, and we’ll see how it differs from legacy runtime portable extension.

You’ll leave the talk being able to develop CDI Lite extension for your favorite framework integrating it to the CDI programming model.