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William Bartlett


Second generation developer, William had his first email account in 1990 at the age of 6 and fell into IT at the age of 10. On his journey across the universe of programming, he has roamed the superpowers of procedural and object-oriented where C, Python or Java are natively spoken. He has also embarked on several treks to the more exotic lands of the functional world, equipped only with a lambda and a few parentheses. His familiar is the penguin and his motto is “Use the right tool at the right time”.

UX as an API

The API economy is booming.

What are we doing with this horde of endpoints? We are remixing it, standing on its shoulders to make higher level services, or just swimming in it like Scrooge McDuck.

At some point, all of this data needs to be sent down the last mile, delivering a seamless experience to the user. API providers can facilitate last-mile delivery of their data by also serving white-label UI fragments. Thanks to a few key additions to browser technology, this just became easier to implement and consume.

After discussing a few cases where I see a clear return on investment, I will demonstrate a progressive web application that is built by composing such UI fragments while still providing a unified look. The fragments rely solely on web standards available in any browser (pure JS, web components, recent additions to CSS) and can, therefore, be integrated into any stack (React, Angular, Vue, …).

This will give you the keys to providing even more value for your API’s customers.

Web Components
User Experience

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