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Jakub Marchwicki


Jakub is a software craftsman with over a decade of commercial experience in programming, wearing multiple hats, getting hands dirty in multiple environments. Some languages, some frameworks, blah blah blah - doesn’t really matter. Architect, programmer, manager, technical trainer, tech lead, wannabe entrepreneur, JUG leader. There is a fair chance he does non of those right.

Getting started with speaking

Have you wondered what it takes to be a successful speaker? Where to start, which topic to pick, and how to deliver? You'll find answers to these questions in this session, delivered by experienced speakers.

Come learn why speaking is both fun and important. We'll give you tips on getting started, writing proposals, preparing for the talks, and to deliver a great presentation.

We'll share our experiences, what has worked, what has not, and provide some key take aways.

After this session, you'll be ready to start on your own journey to speak at technical events.

Audience Engagement, Presentation, Best Practices

The time relativity principle

The moment when you code. You type. You type a lot. You type `LocalDateTime`. The moment you know you are doomed.

How hard can time be?

Sometimes, time gives us a hard time. This time, we will have a deeper dive into what it takes for a String of `2019-05-15T09:00:00` to become an instance of `java.time.Instant`. This is what this lightning talk will be about.


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