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Robert Munteanu

Adobe Systems

Working as a Senior Computer Scientist at in the AEM Cloud Foundation team at Adobe, Robert Munteanu is a software developer with a passion for Open Source. He contributes to multiple Open Source projects, such as Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, MantisBT and the Eclipse Plugin for ReviewBoard. Robert is a frequent conference speaker, having spoken at Devoxx, ApacheCon and EclipseCon.

Crash course in Kubernetes monitoring

Microservices were born out of a need to enable modularity at a technical and business level. With their mass adoption tehnical patterns and solution have started to emerge, and management using Kubernetes is one of the most encountered. Monitoring application state becomes tedious when using approaches designed for individual servers and deployments.

Prometheus and Grafana are cloud-native solutions that make monitoring of Kubernetes deployments a simple and very fruitful task.

After this talk participants will understand how to instrument their applications, gather metrics and act on high-level aggregate information.


Writing Java agents for fun and (not so much) profit

Java agents are a little-known but extremely powerful part of the Java ecosystem. Agents are able to transform existing classes at runtime, allowing scenarios such as logging and monitoring, hot reload or gathering code coverage. However, their usage presents a number of pitfalls as well.

In this talk we will present the steps of writing a java agent from scratch, indicate various common mistakes and pain points and draw conclusions on best practices.

After this talk participants will have a better understanding of the Java instrumentation API and about should / should not be done with it.

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