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Victor Rentea

Independent + IBM

Victor is a Java Champion, and one of the top Technical Trainers in Bucharest, having trained by now more than 1.5K developers in 30+ companies throughout Europe. He is Lead Architect at IBM, practicing Pair Programming and Refactoring every day. Victor regularly speaks at top international conferences: his live-coding sessions are insane, lightning-fast but well crafted, full of enthusiasm, deep insights and take-away tips. Every month, Victor holds a community meetup, in any city he travels for classes. In Bucharest, after organizing the largest 4 JUG meetups in history, Victor started the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community in which he runs regularly free coding webinars (for now, spoken in Romanian). His personal commitment is to seed passion for writing clean, professional code. You can find Victor on Twitter (@victorrentea), LinkedIN or Facebook, or check out https://victorrentea.ro.

Clean Code - The Next Chapter

Deep Dive
Methodology & Culture

Would you attach your last commit to your CV:

  • "Sample: how I write code"?
  • What do others think of your code?
  • Writing Clean Code: an old topic, but never less important, nor challenging than today!

During the first part of this deep-dive session, we will go through the essential clean code rules, learning to detect code smells, discussing refactoring ideas and alternative designs pros/cons.

Then, after the break, we will apply what we learned in a refactoring live-coding kata, explaining 10 key practical techniques you can immediately apply in your code. By the end of the session, you will have a clear picture of what clean code means and quite a variety of ways at hand to get there.

Along the way, we will also point out the differences between procedural/oop/functional paradigms and whether they are competing or complementary, speak in detail about Extract Method, statefulness, separation by layers of abstractions, OOP, and many more.

Can't wait to share my greatest passion with you: writing professional, expressive code that is a pleasure to work with.

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