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Nick Van Hoof


Passionate cloud developer and sports athlete. I'm passionate about technology. Every day I go to work with a smile on my face because I love my job. Cloud technology and DevOps fascinate me the most. I am constantly looking for opportunities to improve my skills. Driven by an urge to create valuable change in the world. Liking to blog: https://ordina-jworks.github.io/ and https://www.nickvanhoof.com

API First development with OpenAPI. You should you practise it !?

API First development, should you practise it? Of course. In this lightning talk I'll show you how OpenAPI can make your life easier in a serverless world:

  • creating the contract with your consumers is the first thing that you do
  • you can automatically create your API from this OpenAPI definitions when using cloud(eg. skip the whole configuration of your API Gateway on AWS by using OpenAPI) 
  • automatically generate your java class definitions based on this OpenAPI definitions
  • automatically generate Spring Contracts from your OpenAPI definitions
  • you’ll have a beautiful visual overview of your API
  • validate incoming and outgoing requests with the OpenAPI definition

Did you notice that I just gave you six advantages of using OpenAPI? It’s only the beginning. And that’s why you should practice API First development with OpenAPI.


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