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Vincent Ogloblinsky


Vincent is a software architect in a French IT services company, SII. He is also a Google Developer Export on Web Technologies. He likes web technologies & all APIs available in the browser, and most of the times he uses them in (Type||Java)Script. Sharing knowledge with others is also a goal for him: inside his company with animation of lighting talks or mobprogramming sessions, during training sessions on Angular, speaking during french conferences; or contributing and maintaining open-source projects like Compodoc.

WebXR : augmented reality lands into our web browsers

After virtual reality & augmented reality, here is the third : mixed reality. In this fusion of real and virtual world, mixed reality adds objects in our real environment which user can interact with. WebXR in an official API draft from Mozilla & Google to extend WebVR API for augmented reality, with support of frameworks like ARKit (Apple) et ARCore (Google).

In this talk, discover in details this new API & how we can build right now with web languages such interactive web experiences.

Augmented Reality
Web Browser

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