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Yevgen Golubenko


Senior Front End Developer at Anomali. Resides in Silicon Valley. Passionate about designing and building scalable and resilient web applications with JavaScript. Interested in building seamless communication between backend and frontend with gRPC and gRPC-web. Contributed to successful Devoxx talks “gRPC vs REST: Let the battle begin” and “Break me if you can”.

gRPC-Web: It’s All About Communication

Front End

gRPC is a modern high performance RPC framework backed by Google. It already adopted by other industry leaders and smaller players thanks to its performance, streaming capabilities, fault-tolerance and many more features. gRPC-Web, open-sourced last year and reached GA several months ago, helps to bring most of gRPC advantages to the modern Web.

In this talk we will cover how it makes backend-to-frontend collaboration easier, how it helps to avoid common pain points, and what its advantages are. As no tool and no approach are perfect, we will also discuss when it’s not a good fit. No matter if you’re a seasoned backend engineer, like Alex, or a frontend engineer building modern UIs, like Yevgen, this talk can be useful for you.

During live demo session you will learn how you can start using gRPC-Web and why it can be beneficial for you and your project.

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