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Noël Macé

Passionate about sharing technical knowledge and about meeting and helping people, Noël loves to teach and has offered talks on diverse topics from the very beginning of his career in technology. He is a web developer, a former mobile and java developer, with experience in learning design, teaching, software architecture, and technical management. Based on this wide experience, he now focuses on the developer community as he helps developers around the world master the modern capabilities of the Web (among other things) through talks, blog posts and OSS contributions.

The Web is on 🔥 F.I.R.E. 🔥 !!!

The F.I.R.E. safety kit for everyone! Learn all the best new capabilities of the Modern Web in one shot without burning out!

Four years ago the idea of Progressive Web Apps arrived in the world! It brought a whole new approach to mobile & web apps development, often summarized as F.I.R.E. (Fast Integrated Reliable & Engaging). But the web platform is constantly evolving and mutating, so how has F.I.R.E. technology evolved with it? Join me to explore four cutting-edge technologies (one for each F.I.R.E. concept) that will help bring your web apps to the next level!

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