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Maurice Naftalin

Morningside Light Ltd

Developer, author, teacher. Forty years in computing. Co-author “Java Generics and Collections”, author “Mastering Lambdas”. JavaOne Rock Star (x4).

What Lies Beneath

Java Language

Did you ever ask yourself: What *really* happens when your Java program runs?

After the transformation from Java source through bytecode and machine code to microcode, and the various optimizations that take place along the way, the instructions that are actually executed may be very different from what you imagined when you wrote the program.

This session shows you tools and techniques for tracing that path.

You’ll see what a simple program actually looks like when it really hits the hardware.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Java Language

Functional programmers have been saying for decades that they know the way to the future.

Clearly they've been wrong, since imperative languages are still far more popular.

Clearly they've also been right, as the advantages of functional programming have become increasingly obvious. Is it possible to face both ways, and combine the two models?

Scala is one language that does this, and Java too has been on a journey, which still continues, of learning from functional languages and carefully adding features from them.

In this talk, we'll review what Java has learned from functional languages, what it can still learn, and how its added features compare to Scala's original ones.

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