Let's kustomize our manifests with style 🤩!
Tools-in-Action (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 9
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What if we reboot the YAML templating system in K8S world?

Come discover Kustomize, a powerful built-in alternative to manage our YAML and keep our deployment readable and simple to debug. We'll see together how to organise our systems, by environments or by features ❤️.

At the end of the talk, you'll be able to deploy and distribute your Kubernetes application, manage it and upgrade it with ease, directly from kubectl, kustomize and even kpt!

Kevin Davin

Google Developer Expert on Google Cloud & Kotlin, Gitlab Hero, I am above all passionate about tech, languages, infrastructure, and automation. 

Kotlin, Java, TypeScript are my day-to-day languages. I deploy all of those on the Google Kubernetes Engine with the GitLab's Continuous Integration 🚀. 

Addict of agility and DevOps, some of my missions were to help teams to follow those philosophies. 

From code quality analysis to unit or end-to-end tests setup all the way to continuous deployment and operation, I try to follow a project from birth to production. 

I'm currently Software Engineer at Gradle and I'm working on Gradle Enterprise, the product which can improve the developer productivity by reducing its build and test time.